The Eatery Pulse News Network is about increasing access to news, insights and analysis for independent restaurateurs. Hospitality and culinary innovation are not enough to succeed in today’s foodservice environment. Restaurants need additional parts of the success equation found in what we call “the business of restaurants”—the economics and business best practices that drive results and revenue.

Culinary innovators, and the larger industry of restaurant owners and operators, deserve tools to succeed. The Eatery Pulse News Network is here to build that toolkit for restaurateurs, providing information on local best practices, industry news & events, online, and eventually on the air.
The trade magazine, online video news network and industry events platform is about to land on the DC food industry during winter 2017. We’re discussing the topics in the industry that are critical to survival and presenting ideas that are outside the normal industry discourse.

Will you help us build a more dynamic, trade news network for restaurateurs? This is the idea behind Eatery Pulse News. Stay tuned for Season One: Disruption. Provenance.

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